Merlo Roto 50.35 S Plus with Westtech CS750 Grapple Saw

Revolutionising Tree Removal

Tivoli is proud to introduce a new innovative piece of arboriculture equipment that is revolutionising how we remove trees. The Merlo Roto 50.35 S Plus with Westtech CS750 Grapple Saw can safely dismantle any tree while minimising any danger to the workforce.

The two pieces of machinery combined simplify the whole tree removal process, saving time and manpower by minimising any disruption to infrastructure, and most importantly, improving safety. It’s perfect for dismantling dead, dying or dangerous trees by the side of the road or other inaccessible areas safely, and is ideal for local authorities, corporate companies, landowners and anyone who needs to deal with a dangerous tree quickly and safely.

Watch our video to see the kit in action during our recent Demonstration Day…

The Merlo Roto 50.35 S Plus is a type of Telehandler that comes equipped with four independent outriggers, 360-degree boom rotation, a 20-degree tilting cab, and has a reach of 35 metres. The Westtech Woodcracker CS750 Grapple Saw is specially designed for tree felling safety work with a 360 rotation, a powerful grip for safe holding and a cutting capacity of 750mm (30 inches).

Its remote-control operation from the ground means it is the safest and most efficient way to remove trees. It also eliminates damage to the ground as no timbers are falling out of the canopy and reduces the need for redundant clean-up tasks.

This mechanical solution is perfect for safely dismantling trees:

  • Overhanging a building or other structure
  • Near power lines
  • Within a falling distance of roads or other infrastructure

Ash Dieback Disease

Ash dieback is a serious disease of ash trees caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The disease, which has spread rapidly across the UK since 2012, causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees and can lead to the death of the tree. A younger ash tree will die quicker than a mature tree, and an infected tree is more vulnerable to other pests and diseases. It’s thought ash dieback disease will kill around 80% – 95% of ash trees across the UK.

These are some of the ash dieback symptoms to look out for:

  • Stem discolouration (purple and brown)
  • Black or brown retained leaf stalks
  • Leaves developing dark patches in the summer which then wilt and discolour to black
  • Diamond shaped lesions

The Woodland Trust has lots of information about the disease here.

Once ash dieback has infected an ash tree, there is a considerable risk of structural failure. The tree becomes increasingly brittle meaning branches and limbs can snap and fall off, or the whole tree may collapse. Large trees have the potential to kill or seriously injure people and this poses a significant risk to site safety. The safety of trees is nearly always the responsibility of the owner of the land on which they grow. The Owner or Manager has a common law duty of care to take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which they can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure their neighbour.

Once ash dieback reaches an advanced stage the tree becomes unsafe to climb, meaning mechanical take down is the only option. That’s where our new Merlo Roto 50.35 with Grapple Saw comes into play, as it allows us to safely dismantle the tree from the ground.

Contact Tivoli’s specialist Arboriculture team

if you have any concerns or believe you have identified an infected tree.

We can carry out a tree inspection for you, and have the relevant professional expertise and qualifications to assess the tree and recommend an appropriate course of action.